How to Assemble

Unpack Contents:

  1. Remove all packaging.
    Each of the three major portions of the table is heavy and requires two people for proper handling.

  2. Examine for damage during shipment.
    The shipper must be notified immediately if any damage is noticeable, otherwise they will not pay for damages.

Marble Balance Table Packaging

Check Contents:

  • Left leg
  • Right leg
  • Balance Table Top
  • Support Tube Assembly
  • 8 each bolts, and nuts, 16 washers
  • 4 rubber grommets

Marble Balance Table Contents

Set Up Procedure:

  1. Stand table legs with the end that has two pre-drilled holes up on a flat surface in final position using sufficient support to prevent them from falling over.
  2. Place support tube assembly in position to line up with pre-drilled holes.
  3. Place four bolts in each flange and leg, the thread on washers and nuts and tighten.
  4. Position two rubber grommets in pre-drilled holes on top of the legs.
  5. Place balance table top centrally on the legs.

Your balance table is now ready to use.

This balance table is manufactured with tough hard curing materials and will withstand normal use for many years. However, avoid scratching the surface with rough hard objects. When placing a balance or other laboratory equipment on the table surface, lift the object to the desired position. DO NOT SLIDE as metal foot supports, frames, etc., may dig into the surface leaving scratches. Clean the top with a soap and water solution when necessary, and occasionally polish with a high-quality wax. Do not use abrasive cleaners.

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