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Marble Table

We provide the most stable, anti-vibration surface possible for precision laboratory instruments.

Table top and legs are 3" thick marble; legs are reinforced with steel support pipe. Marble Tables are made using patented technology to provide several advantages over natural marble and concrete tables.

Why Marble Balance Table?

The anti-vibration tables made at Marble Balance Table Company are made with cultured marble. Instead of being constructed from solid sheets of marble that have been quarried, our marble balance tables are constructed using marble stone dust and a polyester resin that is cast into the exact shape and size of the balance table needed. Cultured marble has many benefits over quarried marble because it is less expensive to produce, can be made to exact measurements every time, is non-porous so it will not stain, and is four times as strong as the natural stone!

The cultured marble lends itself to more durable and longer lasting marble balance tables for a lower cost than the natural stone alternatives. Made with a clear gel-coat on top, the cultured marble used in our anti-vibration tables will be waterproof and resist chipping, cracking and staining making it a great lab or medical table.